Use of Emerging Technologies in FashionTech: AI in Fashion for Improved Customer Engagement

Analysis of fashion retailers in challenges and opportunities
  • How AR and AI allow for the advancement of the in-store experience
  • How the digital stylist builds fantastic looks
  • How visual discovery can augment traditional searches
  • How AI could improve clienteling in fashion retail

State of the Fashion Industry in 2022 & Ongoing

Fashion trends in 2022

1. Supply chain pressures to increase prices

Top negative factors impacting the supply chain

2. Necessity to adjust fashion assortments

3. Growing need for an in-app shopping experience, sustainability, & authenticity

  • Social shopping
  • Circular economy
  • Product passports
  • Cyber resilience

4 Key Game-Changing Solutions for Using AI in Fashion

1. Visual discovery augments traditional search

Lykdat app for searching fashionable goods

2. Usage of AR/AI in fashion for trying items on

How retailers utilize personalized fashion item sizing and fitting
In-app clothes fitting experiences via AI and AR
Metaverse store example
  1. 3D fitting like mobile scanning or smart wear data collection
  2. Accurate size recommendations
  3. Integration of product availability with fit & size options
  4. Virtual reality and metaverse stores for increased user experiences
  5. 3D fashion designs to remove waste and improve sustainability

3. AI-empowered designers & stylists

AI-driven design creation model

4. AI-augmented clienteling, modern POS, & omnichannel

Innovate with Clienteling Concept

Sales associate offers fashionable personalized looks
  • Personal recommendations at the right time, with the right context
  • Transform store associates into knowledgeable stylists and fashion advisors

Omnichannel approach to sales

Omnichannel approach
  • Consecutive, recognizable brand vision and tone
  • Personalized communication according to interests and needs
  • Distribution of content informed by past interactions and existing customer journey phase
  1. Louis Vuitton — is currently an “omni-” strategy leader for its associate enablement, as mentioned in 2022 in Newstore’s Omnichannel Leadership Report. The brand incorporates tech solutions and partners with Google Cloud to use AI in fashion for their brand ambassadors and associates for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Cutting the time for fitting and sizing
  • Bringing the “Personal Stylist” experience into the store/online by equipping associates with corresponding software
  • Merging customer’s searches and sales associate recommendations of generated looks based on virtual try-on

Future of Fashion & AI Technology Adoption

  • Logistics automation and waste management
  • Inventory management with shelf-scanning robotics
  • Fitting & sizing recommendation solutions based on measurements and pictures
  • Virtual try-one experience and AR-based 360-degree fitting
  • Personal styling solutions, as a part of mass customization, based on the human-in-the-loop approach
  • Omnichannel and clienteling service
  • Online search recommendations & easy search by image
  • Gaining more understanding of consumer behavior
  • Apparel and collection design
  • Automated authentication of a brand and its collections
  • Fashion trend forecasting
  • And much more.



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