Roosh strengthens its ecosystem of AI/ML projects and invests in Neurons Lab

Roosh & Neurons Lab Partnership
Neurons Lab Team
  • venture studio Pawa. Within the Roosh ecosystem, Pawa is responsible for finding, developing and scaling ML ideas and projects, turning them from concept to fully-fledged companies.
  • venture fund Roosh Ventures, which focuses on the US and EU markets, invests in ambitious startups at various stages, and helps develop an international network.
  • AI HOUSE is a non-profit initiative responsible for building and developing a community of AI/ML specialists in Ukraine. Recently, the educational platform AI HOUSE CLUB was added to the ecosystem, which enables ML specialists to accelerate their career in the field of ML.
  • IT university SET University, which provides educational opportunities for Ukrainian students all over the world and strives to grow future technological innovators and entrepreneurs according to global education standards.
  • deep-tech startup ZibraAI and AI startup Reface.



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Neurons Lab

Neurons Lab

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and developers who are passionate to revolutionize the future of businesses with AI and machine learning technologies.