Roosh strengthens its ecosystem of AI/ML projects and invests in Neurons Lab

Neurons Lab
4 min readSep 27, 2022


Ukrainian tech company Roosh, which develops projects in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, has announced an investment in Neurons Lab.

Roosh & Neurons Lab Partnership

Neurons Lab specializes in research, development, and consulting in AI/ML: helping small and medium-sized businesses create solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. The Neurons Lab team consists of high-level specialists with PhDs in medicine, physics, chemistry, and biology, that implement complex projects where business, science, and technology intersect. Generally, it’s HealthTech, EnergyTech, and AI-based products. Neurons Lab develops up to ten projects per year, which are worked on not only by the full-time team but also involved experts from around the world.

“Roosh focuses on products and companies that work with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. We already have a wide international network, but we are always looking for those who can strengthen us and accelerate the launch of both product companies from Ukraine and the development of AI solutions in the world. Neurons Lab joining the Roosh ecosystem is a logical and important decision on the way to this goal,” says Sergey Tokarev, founding partner at Roosh.

Roosh acquired a minority stake in Neurons Lab. Den Dmitrenko, managing partner at Roosh, and Kyle Ukho, partner at Roosh, will join Neurons Lab’s board of directors.

“Roosh is building an ecosystem of companies that easily interact, share experiences and reinforce each other. Neurons Lab specializes in AI/ML research and development. Their target audience is Seed and Series A tech companies that want to accelerate their AI/ML research or increase efficiency by building AI products from scratch. By joining our ecosystem, Neurons Lab will be responsible for this direction. In addition, we will be able to accelerate the growth of Roosh Ventures’ portfolio companies, offering unique assistance in the development of AI solutions,” comments Den Dmitrenko, managing partner of Roosh.

Neurons Lab Team

The addition of Neurons Lab will organically complete the technological ecosystem of Roosh, which already includes:

  • venture studio Pawa. Within the Roosh ecosystem, Pawa is responsible for finding, developing and scaling ML ideas and projects, turning them from concept to fully-fledged companies.
  • venture fund Roosh Ventures, which focuses on the US and EU markets, invests in ambitious startups at various stages, and helps develop an international network.
  • AI HOUSE is a non-profit initiative responsible for building and developing a community of AI/ML specialists in Ukraine. Recently, the educational platform AI HOUSE CLUB was added to the ecosystem, which enables ML specialists to accelerate their career in the field of ML.
  • IT university SET University, which provides educational opportunities for Ukrainian students all over the world and strives to grow future technological innovators and entrepreneurs according to global education standards.
  • deep-tech startup ZibraAI and AI startup Reface.

“Through this agreement, Neurons Lab will be able to gain access to new customers, partners and the Roosh network, which will significantly expand our customer base. Neurons Lab targets the US, Canada, Europe and Israel markets, and the agreement with Roosh will help realize our ambition to help disruptive technology projects integrate AI/ML solutions into their products. It was Roosh’s experience in the development of AI/ML projects and access to a unique international network that became a decisive factor in the decision to start our joint path,” adds Igor Sydorenko, co-founder and managing partner at Neurons Lab.

Roosh Ventures has invested in 8 companies since the start of the full-scale war, but for Roosh, the deal with Neurons Lab became the first investment since the beginning of the invasion.


About Neurons Lab

Neurons Lab is an AI R&D company that helps innovators accelerate the development and launch of data-driven products. The Neurons Lab team has expertise in fundamental science and full-stack AI/ML development. A rare combination of expertise at the intersection of artificial intelligence, advanced science (physics, biology, chemistry) and business knowledge allows Neurons Lab to create breakthrough solutions for clients in the following key areas: HealthTech, EnergyTech, AI Products.

The Neurons Lab team has access to highly skilled AI talent and experts around the world, from the UK to Indonesia.

About Roosh

Roosh is a Ukrainian tech company that creates and invests in AI and ML-focused projects. The business-ecosystem of Roosh includes: venture studio Pawa, venture fund Roosh Ventures, community-building platform AI HOUSE, educational online platform AI HOUSE CLUB, technological university SET University, startups Reface and ZibraAI.



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