Neurons Lab is Highlighted as a Top Verified Vendor by Pangea

Qualification Process for Entering Elite Community

To start, we want to share a few words about our team.

Neurons Lab in top 7% of vendors at

Strengths & Opportunities at Neurons Lab

The most significant finding that we encountered was the insight from clients. We were greatly satisfied by the fact that our clients assessed our project management at 10 out of 10.

Neurons Lab Team

To Sum Everything Up

Neurons Lab is within the top 7% of trustworthy IT vendors, which is a great indicator of the company’s current performance. We plan to continue improving our internal processes and align them with the OKRs and strategy.



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Neurons Lab

Neurons Lab

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and developers who are passionate to revolutionize the future of businesses with AI and machine learning technologies.