AI for Mental Health and Greater Wellness: A Myth or the Upcoming Reality?

  • Existing challenges and issues for R&D projects within the wellness domain
  • Current examples of digital health and wellness products
  • Ways to use artificial intelligence in behavioral and mental health cares
  • How it is possible to innovate with regard to diet and nutrition
  • Future of AI (artificial intelligence) for staying healthy and fit
  • Critical existing examples of the use of AI for wellness

Pain Points Faced by the Wellness Market & Its Consumers

  • Levels of anxiety and depression increased substantially
  • The negative influence of COVID-19 and other former pandemics
  • The certainty of keeping track of overall physical health condition
  • The desire to sustain a younger and better appearance
  • The need to stay fit and keep up with exercising
  • Obligation to follow a good diet and nutrition
  • The need to deal with worsened sleep conditions
  • Minimized mindfulness and concentration levels

AI Technologies for Revolutionizing Wellness Industry

1. Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health

2. Artificial Intelligence for Dieting & Nutrition

3. Artificial Intelligence for Staying Active

  • Shortage of qualified specialists and engineers.
  • High cost to set up the necessary IT infrastructure for AI projects.
  • Limited availability of the EHR (electronic health records) consisting of physiological measures, medical history, laboratory reports, information on allergies, medical prescriptions, and other related information to make proper correlation analysis.
  • Data deficiency and its unstructured format may result in false conclusions.
  • Authenticity and integration of the data in the field that should use standardized format with ongoing renovation.
  • Complexity of data collection and standardization via new computational and mathematical tools.

Does the Future Belong to AI Wellness & AI Therapy Apps?



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